Fluorite crusher for sale in Africa


Exposure tools for the semiconductor industry make use of fluorite optical elements for ultraviolet light at 157 nm wavelength. Fluorite has a uniquely high transparency at this wavelength. Fluorite has a very low dispersion so lenses made from it exhibit less chromatic aberration than those made of ordinary glass.In telescopes it allows crisp images of astronomical objects even at high power. Fluorite also has ornamental and lapidary uses. Fluorite objective lenses are manufactured by the larger microscope firms (Nikon, Olympus, Carl Zeiss and Leica). Their transparence to ultraviolet light enables them to be used for fluorescence microscopy.The fluorite also serves to correct optical aberrations in these lenses.

Fluorite jaw crusher can crush Fluorite ore into small sizes. Thus, these small Fluorite ore can enter into the Fluorite ball mill such as ball mill and vertical roller mill for grinding. Fluorite ore impact crusher is generally used after jaw crusher, they can crush hard stones, not only the fluorite ore, but also other ores such as copper, bauxite, gold, Kaolinite, manganese etc.

Besides jaw crusher, cone crusher is the fine crushing machine used in fluorite processing plant. After crushing process, fluorite is less than 15 mm.

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